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Writing a better blog

Do you know how to write blogs and make sure they working hard for you, your website, and your practice?

For September's webinar I was chatting to Rachel Bray a copywriter with many years’ experience of writing blogs professionally. Although I have been blogging for seven years, Rachel still managed to (kindly) point out quite a few issues with my blogs and offer advice on how they could be improved!

The event was well attended by colleagues and having chatted for an hour on the webinar, I think most of us realised that there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. A good blog can not only convey important information and save you time but also improve your positioning on search engine rankings and ultimately, drive more potential patients to your website without paying Google!

Discussing how to write a better blog

Writing is perhaps the easy part but coming up with ideas, formatting blogs correctly and publicizing can be tricky and good advice was offered.

The webinar can be viewed in the videos section of the website. In addition, Rachel runs a blog writing course which takes you through the process from start to finish. I found the course an excellent way to improve my blogging skills and make the most of them. Currently, Rachel is offering a 15% discount to our subscribers who sign up for the course. And don’t forget - if it’s for work purposes that’s tax deductible!

Special Offer to subscribers

To find out further information about the course, visit Rachels website and use the code footexpert15 to receive the discount.

Many thanks to Canonbury Healthcare who supported this webinar


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