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I set up the Foot Expert website as a useful resource for healthcare professionals in search of more accessible information. I also help those with an interest in podiatric dermatology to develop their skills and interests in this area. 

And if you live in Hampshire or Dorset and are looking for the services of an expert podiatrist, you’re in the right place.

My passion for education and podiatry


I’ve dedicated my professional life to learning about, teaching, and practising podiatry and dermatology. I’ve spent years as both a university lecturer and researcher at a very high level and currently work as a podiatrist, associate professor, expert witness, and consultant to healthcare professionals and businesses. I’m also a fellow of the Royal College of Podiatry, London.

Resources for healthcare professionals


Foot Expert started out more as a hobby blog in 2016 but has evolved over the years into what you find today. I added webinars during the COVID-19 pandemic, partly as a means of staying in touch with the world – and was blown away by the response. There is a real thirst for knowledge out there and I’m proud to do my part.

I’ve also noticed that podiatrists are keen for more information on business skills, so I am incorporating these more into my webinars and blogs as well. By inviting expert speakers on as many subjects as possible I’m working with you to make this wonderful profession the best it can be.

If I’m not travelling for work, keeping up with the latest research, planning my next webinar, or writing my latest blog, you’ll probably find me walking in the New Forest or practicing my keyboard skills.

I’m thrilled that Foot Expert can be a part of your podiatry and dermatology journey. I love to hear your stories and clinical dilemmas and look to incorporate these into learning opportunities when possible.

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