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Consulting for companies


I currently work with several companies as a consultant. I advise businesses who are undertaking research, marketing, or product development and need an in-depth knowledge of podiatry and dermatology. This could be an insight into the profession and how podiatrists think and operate, the market and marketing, or research and development.

If you have a project that would benefit from an expert or insider’s view of podiatry, dermatology and the research around it, please get in touch.

Video calls with patients who have been referred to me


As well as providing in-person appointments, in certain circumstances I am able to consult with UK-based patients who have been referred to me by healthcare professionals via video call.

If you are a podiatrist or healthcare professional and have a patient with a dermatological issue you would like further advice on, please get in touch. I may be able to consult directly with the patient on a video call, with or without you being present. Please contact me for information on how this works and my consultation fees.

Press and media enquiries


I am often asked to respond to questions for articles in national newspapers and magazines on the topics of podiatry and dermatology. These have appeared in The Times, The Daily Mail, and various national magazines. Please get in touch  if you would like further information about how I can help.

I am also available for television and radio appearances. I have previously appeared on BBC local and national news and The Jeremy Vine Show, as well as local BBC radio stations. Please contact me if you would like to discuss how I can help with expert advice or information or use the form below.

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