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Urea based Emollients for patients with diabetes. Can you help?

Emollients are an integral part of dermatological care for the foot. Currently, I am involved in a consensus group which is seeking the views for Chiropodists/Podiatrists in the use of urea-based emollients for patients with diabetes. There is no real guiding evidence for this group of patients and so the opinions of podiatrists, dermatologists and diabetologists is being sought.

As part of this work, would you be willing to take part in a short survey to add your opinions? The online survey takes 15 minutes to complete and will help to shape a consensus for the optimal emollient treatment & prevention of diabetic foot complications. Your responses are entirely anonymous and will be used to collate and develop a consensus document as guidance for practitioners for publication.

The survey is open for the next few weeks and would welcome your feedback.

Please click here to take the survey:


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