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Its audit time again....

April is here and May will soon be on us. May sees the biennial renewal of HCPC registration for podiatrists & chiropodists. It’s during this renewal period that 2.5% of podiatrists will be randomly selected by the Health & Care Professions Council to submit a portfolio of evidence as evidence that demonstrates in the last two years you have:

· Undertaken CPD activities on a regular basis.

· Kept a record of these activities.

· Carried out different kinds of learning activities.

· Undertaken activities that might improve your practice and benefit your service user

Remember its not the number of hours of CPD that count but the quality of the CPD.

Just a reminder, if you are a regular visitor to the foot expert website that any activities you undertake here can potentially count as CPD, and been included in your CPD portfolio. This maybe reflecting on a blog or what you have learned from a webinar or from a dermoscopy course, for example. Even conversations or communications can count as CPD. In addition, there are a range of other related activities that are eligible as CPD. These can be found on the HCPC website:

The full CPD guidance document can be downloaded from the HCPC website here.


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