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Free Dermatology CPD Update Articles for Podiatrists

For those of you with long memories, you may recall that from 2004, Mike Potter and I used to commission (and occasionally write) CPD articles which were published in Podiatry Now magazine for over a decade with a collection of over 50 CPD articles during its run.

As the journal became a magazine, the format changed, and the articles ceased to be published. In 2021, Mike and I teamed up with Canonbury Healthcare to continue to publish quarterly Continuing Professional Updates (CPU) articles, which initially were published with Everystep – the Canonbury magazine. With technology moving forward the articles are now available as an electronic version as a “flip book” or as a PDF download version.

CPU Article no.10 on Emollients

The collection grows with a new article added every quarter and there are currently 11 issues in the collection, with a number focussing on podiatric dermatology:

1. An alternative approach to the treatment of the ingrowing toenail. (Stuart Metcalfe)

2. Anatomy and function of the nail. (Ivan Bristow)

3. The podiatric consultation and clinical clerking. (Anthony Maher)

4. Skin Assessment. (Ivan Bristow)

5. Podiatric management of people with rheumatoid arthritis. (Keith Rome)

6. Psoriasis. (Ivan Bristow)

7. Juvenile hallux valgus. Part 1. (Anthony Maher & Timothy Kilmartin)

8. Juvenile hallux valgus. Part 2. (Anthony Maher & Timothy Kilmartin)

9. Peripheral arterial disease and chronic limb threatening ischaemia. (Martin Fox)

10. Emollients: function and usage. (Ivan Bristow)

11. Creating a website for your practice. (Rachel Bray & Ivan Bristow)

All the articles are available online for free and can be accessed/downloaded from Canonbury

Authors Note:

The CPU Editorial Team are Mike Potter, Ivan Bristow, Anthony Maher & Morwenna Potter. All articles are selected, commissioned, reviewed and produced independent of Canonbury Products Limited. Canonbury Products Limited kindly provide unrestricted support for the series as a service to the profession.


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