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2020 – The year to upskill in foot dermatology?

This week, I was just putting to together next year’s diary for myself and the website diary, reflecting on what 2020 holds in terms of educational events in Dermatology. Looking at the upcoming meetings, next year certainly has an increasing number of foot dermatology related events coming up open to podiatrists.

Foot Dermatology Conferences

I am pleased to announce that next years calendar looks likely to host not one, but two foot dermatology conferences in the UK. In the middle of June, The British Dermatology Nursing Group will be hosting their annual conference, and a day’s foot dermatology will be a feature. This is in Harrogate.

In addition, the Primary Care Dermatology Society, who earlier this year opened their doors to podiatry membership, are planning an event for September likely to be in the Midlands. Its is hoped this will be a two-day event including some workshops and social functions so keep an eye out on the events page of this website as soon as its announced.

Dermoscopy in 2020

The dermoscopy events continue to be a popular means of acquiring new skills in clinical practice and throughout the year, I will continue to run the podiatry-specific introductory events (more to be announced) alongside the courses offered by the Primary Care Dermatology Society and other groups throughout the year. For those who wish to learn beyond the basics, have a look at the intermediate and advanced dermoscopy courses offered by the PCDS around the UK. In June, if you haven’t had enough, Dr Stephen Hayes is organising an International Dermoscopy Conference in Winchester. This two-day event promises the world leaders in the subject presenting so if this is your thing, don’t miss it. Rarely do these international meetings converge in the UK.

Don’t forget, if you really love dermatology, join the interest groups!

The Primary Care Dermatology Society started life as a GP education group but has now broadened its remit to include other healthcare professionals into membership. It has a packed calendar of events around the UK including Dermoscopy and the very popular “Essential dermatology” as well as its annual Scottish Meeting.

The UK Podiatry Dermatology Association founded in 2003 merged in 2009 with the BDNG. Join the British Dermatology Nursing Group for just £20 a year and receive their journal quarterly “Dermatological Nursing”. In addition, they run lots of local meetings on various dermatology topics often priced at just £10-£30 for a day’s education (yes, from £10)! Topics include non-medical prescribing, introductory dermatology, skin cancer, paediatrics and skin surgery.

Remember, 2020 is the HCPC renewal year so get some CPD activities in to meet the audit requirements!

Please visit the events page of the website (click here), where I will try and post up all the upcoming events relevant to podiatry in the coming months


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