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The 5th Foot Dermatology Conference 26th June 2019, Harrogate

BDNG Conference

The British Dermatological Nursing Group (BDNG) has announced this years Annual Foot Dermatology Conference which will be taking place at:

The Harrogate International Centre on Wednesday 26th June 2019.

Podiatrists have been able to become members of the BDNG since 2008, when the then UK Podiatric Dermatology Association affiliated with the BDNG. The Foot Dermatology Conference is now in its fifth year and continues to grow and attract more practitioners to the meeting. The event runs alongside the BDNG's own Annual Conference and is supported by a large dermatology focused trade exhibition.

As podiatrists, any time away from clinic is precious (and often expensive) and one of the main needs is to acquire useful practical skills to improve patient care, practice and business so this year’s conference will be focusing on exactly that. It will be delivering a range of practical presentations that will inspire and be useful for practice. The agenda is taking shape but topics listed so far are (subject to confirmation):

  • Topical steroids and the foot. How to use them.

  • Emollients – what’s best practice? With many of the UK's dermatology companies at the meeting hopefully you can have a full range of products - literally at your fingertips!

  • Skin Assessment – feel more confident when confronted by a patient with a common skin problem.

  • Dermoscopy – an overview of how it may help improve podiatric practice

  • Differential Diagnosis of common conditions like eczema, fungal infections, psoriasis and more!

The price of just £50 for the whole day is great value and gets you a year’s membership to the BDNG so you’ll also receive the BDNG journal quarterly as part of your membership as well as access to a range of many other dermatological courses and events held throughout the year in the UK, at very low prices. By joining the BDNG you will also be able to network with Dermatology Specialist Nurses from across the UK, working in local hospitals and clinics.

Please note due to the room size, the foot dermatology event is limited to just 50 people so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Bookings can be made online - click here

If you wish to attend the BDNG conference for the full three days (including the foot dermatology event) please e-mail


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