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  • Ivan Bristow

What are the effects of heating the skin with microwaves?

When a new technology is introduced into healthcare there is often little evidence available to explain how it may work. Microwave is a new technology which we have been successfully using to treat plantar warts. Having completed its first clinical and laboratory studies, we have shown that microwave energy, even at low levels, can stimulate immune function in human skin. How does it do that?

Microwave energy is used as a form of skin heating - raising skin temperature into the "hyperthermic" range - just a few degrees above body temperature. The effects of heating the skin in this range of have been well studied and shown to be of great benefit, particularly in the treatment of HPV infections. The article (linked below) explains the background to the principles of hyperthermia and how microwave enhances immune function and may lead to the clearance of warts.


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