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100 Blogs and counting

This month represents a landmark for - many thanks to the thousands of you who regularly visit the site. This blog is the 100th I have posted. I started the website purely to answer questions I was commonly asked by colleagues. From there it has grown far beyond what I had originally anticipated. Dermatology for many in our podiatry education was a subject that was never well covered in the curriculum but as we all know, much of what we see and treat in the clinic is skin related. So, I hope it has inspired colleagues to take a second look at the skin and feel more confident when faced with skin conditions in the clinic. In writing the blogs I try and strike a balance between pieces of clinical interest and those which give a little insight into the research going on which could lead to future developments in diagnosis and treatment.

With the lockdown in March 2020, it became evident that people were still wanting to continue to learn. So, the introduction of the monthly Wednesday night webinars in April 2020 has helped to fill that gap - I hope it has been helpful for you. One of the side-effects of this technology has been the use of online platforms which has meant I can approach colleagues from overseas to speak, as well as those in the UK. In addition, many colleagues have also tuned into these events from overseas.

Finally, thank you to all those who e-mail me. From many of these conversations, I have been moved to write blogs on various topics but also to include case studies from colleagues’ practices which help to illustrate conditions we see in the clinic. Case studies are never able to compete with research, but their strength lies in the ability to educate in a way, at a clinical level, other types of research cannot. So, please keep visiting stay in touch and I’ll keep posting – and I am happy to hear any ideas you may have for the website.

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