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Podiatry colleagues in New Zealand, would you like to learn dermoscopy?


Dermoscopy is a technique that allows closer visual inspection of the skin which has been used in the assessment and recognition of skin lesions, both benign and malignant. The basic technique can be learned within a few hours and integrated into daily podiatric practice.


For the past two years, I have been training UK podiatrists in dermoscopy by offering a face-to-face lecture programme. However, colleagues in New Zealand have asked where they can get this training from as well. During these unusual times, with little prospect of travelling to New Zealand at the moment, I am offering a unique opportunity for New Zealand colleagues to learn dermoscopy live with myself via a web platform.

Dermoscopy Foot Image.jpg

How does it work?


The short programme is an introduction to dermoscopy and consists of four hours of live teaching sessions, with me. To ensure a maximal learning experience I am planning to deliver this to no more than five colleagues at a time via Zoom. These are run by myself (delivered from the UK in the morning) which means just a commitment of two consecutive evenings (NZ time), for two hours each time. Electronic copies of the materials will be made available to you along with additional recorded material, a course evaluation form and other useful links.



Topics Covered:


Evening Session 1 (2 hours):       


Basic Dermatoscopic Technique                                    

Assessment of Plantar Lesions   


Evening Session 2 (2 hours)   


Assessment of Lesions on the Foot and Leg                 

Nail Assessment with Dermoscopy                                 

Please note: You do not need to own a dermatoscope to undertake the course. Types of dermatoscope and their advantages are covered as part of the programme. Distributors in NZ are available who can sell directly to you, should you wish to purchase one. I have negotiated a special deal for anyone completing the programme.

Dates currently booking:

 28th / 29th July 2020 

 18th / 19th August 2020

 29th / 30th September 2020

20th / 21st  October 2020


The cost of the programme is $500 NZD. Because of the nature of the programme and the small numbers involved, places are very limited. If you are interested, please message me via the contact page ( and I will get back to you.


What colleagues have said about the online programme:


“A few months before having this online class with Ivan, I'd watched a few hours of videos on YouTube. They didn't quite give me the confidence to start using dermoscopy in my clinic. Turns out they put me on the wrong track with terminology too. Ivan's class was brilliant in that it was live with only a few of us on the call and completely interactive so we were able to ask questions as we went along. And for me, not having to travel 700km to Perth (or to the UK) to get this training was a huge relief. I didn’t even have to take time off work. I can't recommend it highly enough. This is your best introduction to dermoscopy!”


– Rebecca, Podiatrist, Western Australia

"This programme is a must. The skills and information I absorbed in these two sessions was invaluable. With the increasing prevalence of malignant melanomas in Australia, clinically it is essential that we as Podiatrists are leading the way in identifying these on the lower limb, foot and nail area. The convenience of doing this at home and having access to the material is fantastic. Also being a live session you can ask questions, which is brilliant and helps reinforce the important aspects.  Thank you so much, Ivan, for doing this. This has certainly started a new area of interest in dermoscopy for me."

- Jodie, Podiatrist, New South Wales

"I highly recommend Ivan's online class for an introduction to dermatoscopy. This course is easy to understand and follow, and being able to learn from the comfort of my home is a big plus! The quality of the course is exceptional and the small size group encourages interaction to ask questions as we went along. I have gained confidence using dermatoscope in identifying malignant melanoma on the leg, feet, and nails. Thanks again Ivan for organizing this, it has definitely opened my eyes to a whole new world of examining skin and nails."


- CT, New South Wales 

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