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Its 2023, and the site is nearly 7 years old! Thank you so much for your continued support. I hope to continue blogging and offer regular, affordable webinars to colleagues across the globe. I am passionate about dermatology and education so putting these two things together into the website is my mission. If you have any interesting clinical cases you think might fit here, or any suggestions, please drop me a line through the contact page. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Ivan Bristow 

Dr Ivan Bristow, Podiatrist

Dr Ivan Bristow 


Forthcoming Webinars

Sub Ungual Corn opto.jpg

Lower Limb Dermatology Part 6 : "Dermatological Pot Pourri with Dr George Moncrieff"

Join us for the fifth installment of this series, sponsored by Aproderm, from Fontus Health.

Weds 29nd March at 8pm (UK Time)

Dr George Moncrieff

Booking Open


New Videos 

Ask the Expert: Fungus

Podiatrist, Felicity Burnell hosts a webinar where she puts the fungal questions to Ivan.

Dr George Moncrieff

Lower Limb Dermatology Series:
All previous webinars are available for viewing online, free to view, a few days after the event!

Now available in the video section

Nail Melanoma
Irritant dermatitis foot
verrucae on the sole of foot
Bowens disease leg
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