Welcome to the Foot Dermatology Blog. The site is now in its fourth successful year and continues to grow with more visitors each month - thank you for making it so popular.

The roaring twenties are here and as you will see from the events calendar, it's already filling up with all things dermatological so this may be the year to brush up on your dermatology knowledge?


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Dr Ivan Bristow 



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NEW VIDEO PAGE ADDED TO www.foot.expert website:


Following on from a number of webcasts I have done recently I have added a page for site members containing recordings of these events for you to view.


To become a site member and have access to this page please click on the Videos link above. You will be asked to create a login to become a site member. This will allow you access to the Videos page to browse and view the content. New material will be added in time, exclusive to site members.

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