So, 2022 is upon us, and thank you to all the visitors to the site that help to make it grow and thrive. Now it its sixth year - I cant believe it. As, hopefully, things may return to a new normal, it will be good to get back to face to face conferences but I shall still be running regular online webinars and posting new blogs so keep an eye out for the newsletter with the details. If you have any requests for blogs, please let me know but for the moment, I shall keep the updates coming.

Thank you for your continued support.

Ivan Bristow 

Dr Ivan Bristow, Podiatrist

Dr Ivan Bristow 


Forthcoming Webinars

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Lower Limb Dermatology (Part 1) 
Infections & Infestations

Wednesday 30th November at 8pm (UK Time)

Dr George Moncrieff

Booking Open

This is a free event

Diagnostic Dermoscopy - The new book 

Dr Jonathan Bowling, discusses the forthcoming release of the second edition of his award winning book, "Diagnostic Dermoscopy".


Latest Videos 


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Nail Melanoma
Irritant dermatitis foot
verrucae on the sole of foot
Bowens disease leg
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