Exclusive Offer to Foot Expert Subscribers

Dermfoot 2021 is the largest annual foot dermatology conference and this year it's online. The four-day event is packed with 25 hours of lectures on all manner of topics related to skin and nail disorders affecting the foot including fungal infections, melanoma, case studies, inflammatory skin conditions, pigmented skin, challenging cases, erythronychia, drug resistance, skin surgery and much more.
Delegates will also have access to the on-demand feature to review any lectures for a period after the event. 
15th - 18th April 2021 - Live in your Living Room!
The normal price for registration is $549 USD but for subscribers, the price is reduced by $200 USD to
just $349 USD (about £260).
How do I book?
Registration is made online: www.dermfoot.com.
At the checkout, enter the code: footexpert2021 for a $200 USD discount.
Please Note: This offer is only available to www.foot.expert subscribers outside of the USA.
For a full list of the lecture programme click here.

So what's in store at the meeting? An interview with Dr Annette Joyce, DERMfoot 2021 Chair.